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HHP Newsletter: December 2002

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

I have been very busy with so many things going on that I have not had time to post our monthly updates. So here is a short recap of events....

  • Little Becker returned to the Dominican Republic and is doing great. One or both of Becker's and Hector's foster sisters will be traveling with me to visit the Dominican Republic in late January so they can see first hand their living conditions.

  • During this visit HHP will be hosting the SHOEBOX event in Canastica, Little Hector's hometown and one of the poorest neighborhood in the Dominican Rep... Frank and the Pfizer employees collected over 600 shoeboxes filled with toys which Pfizer airfreighted directly to the DR. ..

  • On our return, we plan on bringing the next recipient of Dr. Fallat's gift... of Life Altering Corrective Surgery. Little Inmanol Duran is about 1 year old and will be staying with the Brown's.

  • In Miami, Margie Patiño, headed a toy drive in her School/Church and they collect nearly 800 stuffed toys and 7 extra large boxes of clothes and about 100 pairs of shoes. The stuffed toys were distributed as follows, about 400 to the Dominican Rep, about 200 to Nigeria and about 200 to the Phillipines.

  • The $1 Clinic HHP sponsors in San Cristobal, DR is continuing to give service to the poor in that province.

  • In the next few days we will be receiving a truckload of equipment that will be place in a container and shipped to Nigeria, Ohafia Province.

    To give you an idea of what HHP has acomplished I have attached to this email a compilation of all the donations made by HHP since its birth 6 years ago. There are two Excel worksheets both have the same information except one is sorted by date and the other by country. This is just to give you an idea as to how much work goes into HHP.

    There is much to report but this is enough for now...


    Hope you enjoy the Holidays!

    Love to all,

    Roberto Patiño Magginetti

    Executive Director, HHP

    Attached File: 12242002 List of HHP Donations.xls

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