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Donate to HHP

HHP has many needs in order to keep its 100% volunteer organization operational. Please review our needs and if you feel moved to donate your time or possessions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Medical Equipment:
HHP supports multiple hospitals, health clinics and medical missions. We accept medical donations from Band Aids to Nuclear Cameras. Hospital beds, stretchers and ambulances are always in demand.

For Western US donations contact Jason Patino at (323) 902-7740.
For Eastern US donations contact Henry Patino at (305) 620-1250

Medical Expertise:
Medical expertise is in great demand in third world countries. HHP will organize medical missions to bring vaccinations and medical care to third world countries. If you are a medical professional and would like to donate your time to one of HHP’s medical missions or assist in making a Life altering corrective surgery Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Medical Volunteers can contact Dr. Frank Patino M.D. at (734) 834-1944.

Educational, Living, and Other Supplies:
We believe that our future is brightest when we can provide education and suitable living materials for the children of the less fortunate. We are looking to partner with and schools, University or educational systems that can provide us with educational material and or classroom amenities.

Donating Time:
If you are in the Florida or California area, and wish to donate your time to help us with the administrative and labor aspects of HHP please contact the following.

For South Californian residents, contact Jason Patino at (323) 902-7740.
For South Floridian residents, contact Henry Patino at (305) 620-1250.

Donating Money:
To send a donation via regular mail, please make checks payable to:
Health Help Project
8350 S.W. 27th Lane
Miami FL, 33155

* For all donations, we will send a receipt for tax deduction purposes! *

Donation Types    

Medical Equipment 
Medical Expertise 
Cash Donations 

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