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HHP Newsletter: February 2003

Hi to all...

Little Imanol had his corrective surgery this morning. Dr. Fallat stated that the operation went better than expected and expects Imanol to have a full recovery.

Several media folks interviewed Dr. Fallat about the surgery and will appear as follows:
  • this Thursday, The Plymouth Observer
  • this Friday, The Detroit Free Press,
  • and the Fox 2 Network (in Detroit) will have one as well.

    Dr. Frank Patiño and Dr. Lawrence Fallat are trying to iron out some snags that have surfaced, in an attempt to open the way for HHP to bring Marisela Martes, the 14 year old Dominican Girl with severe bilateral clubfeet so she can undergo surgery sometime in June/July. Let's hope this snag can be resolved soon.

    Congratulations and thank you to Dr. Fallat, his staff, the Anesthesia Dept. and the Oakwood Annapolis Hospital for donating all their services.

    In other HHP news....

    The little league HHP is sponsoring in the Dominican Republic will begin play on March 6, several HHP members will be there for the opening event. We are hoping that someone from Valor, Pfizer will be able to attend so that the San Cristobal community can thank them for all the support they have given over the last years.

    Rev. Henry Patiño, continues to work on the possibility or getting many tons of government issued Powdered Milk to be distributed to several countries around the world. This is in a very early stage and many things have to happen, but if we are successful our initial plans are:

    1) To have the first shipment go to the Igbo/Ohafia People in Nigeria, Africa. Chief Ukpai is traveling to Nigeria in a few weeks to begin the process.
    2) Next will be the Ivory Coast (several countries west of Nigeria), once again Chief Ukpai will assist us in this venture.
    3) Then to the Philippines in cooperation with "Back to My Filipino Roots" and the Vicera family of Miami.
    4) And finally to complete the around the world event ... we will ship to the Haitian/Dominican Border at the junction of Juana Mendez and Dajabon. Let's keep hoping...
    We are very optimistic that within a few weeks we will be getting another ambulance. If so, it will be donated to the Ikenga I Hospital/Ania Health Center, in the state of Abia, Nigeria. It will be used not just as an ambulance but also as a traveling clinic. On designated dates it will travel to far of communities not serviced by the Ania Health Center. It is our hope to reproduce the success of our $1 Clinic in the Dominican Republic, but this one will be mobil. More on this as it is available.

    We continue to search for financial support from corporate sponsors, as you can imagine ... to undertake these plans will not be without cost. Yet, even with our shoestring budget with your help, HHP has made a difference to many around the world and we will like to thank you all for the great job you have done!

    Thank you all for your support,

    Roberto Patiño Magginetti

    Executive Director, HHP

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