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HHP Newsletter: January 2004

January 12, 2004… In conjunction with Mapet International foundation, HHP began the process of trying to help a young Dominican girl diagnosed with brain cancer. Unfortunately, on January 14 as our plane landed in Detroit for Marisela’s surgery, we were informed that the young girl had passed away that night.

January 14, 2004…Detroit, Michigan, Marisela Marte, our fourth recipient of Life Altering Corrective Surgery for bilateral clubfeet, underwent surgery. Dr. Larry Fallat expects Marisela to get 80% - 90% normal use of her feet. This means she will be able to walk on the soles of her feet for the first time in her 14 years.

January 17, 2004… HHP and Mapet International Foundation signed a Collaboration Agreement in which each will assist the other organization to achieve their projects goals.

January 17 – April 8, 2004…Thanks to Mapet International Foundation, HHP will be selling raffle tickets as a means of fundraising. **More on this page 2.

January 31, 2004… The Annual Shoebox toy give away was postponed for the weekend of Jan 31. The events will be in four different communities in and around San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. Accompanying the toys will be a container filled with hospital beds, clothes, wheelchairs, other hospital supplies and equipment and *1,200 pairs of reading glasses.

March 2004… In collaboration with Mapet International Foundation, HHP is hoping to ship a Huron Valley Ambulance to Brazil with *1,200 pairs of reading glasses.

April 10, 2004…Mapet International Foundation will be holding a $500.00 (US Dollars) fundraiser dinner in which HHP will collaborate and share in the funds collected. **More on this page 2.

April, 2004.. Mario Perez Jr. from Mapet International, Roger Simpson from Huron Valley Ambulance, Tom Schurlinc from Pfizer, Dr. Larry Fallat and one of his senior apprentices, Dr. Frank Patiño, Rev Henry Patiño and I will be traveling to Nigeria with Chief Emmanuel Udo Kalu Ukpai, Ikenga I of Ania Ohafia. We are hoping to ship two Huron Valley Ambulances to Ohafia plus a container filled with hospital supplies and equipment and *1,200 pairs of reading glasses. In collaboration with Mapet International Foundation we are hopeful we can purchase some 20-30 acres of land to eventually build a school, a clinic, a cafeteria and an orphanage plus in the center of the complex a large park. **More on this below.

May 2004… A fourth Huron Valley Ambulance is tentatively set to be donated to the border area around Monte Cristi in the Dominican Republic.

* All reading glasses were donated to HHP by Lions Club International.
** The raffle, the $500 a plate dinner and the Nigeria School project.

HHP needs your financial help to accomplish all of these projects!


Mapet International Foundation and Health Help Project are raffling a 2004 Mercedez Benz (1St Prize), a Cartier his and hers watch (2nd Prize), plus a one week cruise around the Caribbean (3rd Prize).

The details:
1) Each raffle ticket costs $50.00 and is tax deductible as a donation to a non profit organization.
2) For every ticket HHP members sell/buy, HHP will receive $20.00.
3) From the funds generated by the raffle HHP and Mapet International will set aside the necessary funds to begin the School Project in Nigeria.
4) Also from these funds HHP and Mapet will purchase the land and construct a new home for Marisela Marte.
5) The total number of raffle tickets printed is 20,000. If every ticket is sold the odds of winning the Benz is 1 in 20,000. The odds of winning one of the three prizes is 1 in 6,667. (If not all the tickets are sold your odds of winning improve.)
6) On April 9, 2004 all valid tickets must be turned in.
7) On April 10 during the $500.00 a plate dinner the three winning tickets will be picked at random.


Please help HHP and Mapet meet their goals in helping those who are less fortunate. Purchase one or more tickets and encourage your friends, church members, co-workers and family members. Every dime collected will be spent on a worthy cause.

HHP has been able to accomplish incredible projects on a shoe-string budget. Imagine what we can accomplish with financial support.

If you want more information or you want to purchase and or sell tickets please email at robert@healthhelpproject.org.

Please feel free to make copies or forward this email to your friends and family. We really need your help!

Roberto Patiño Magginetti

Executive Director, HHP

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