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Press Clips of HHP Projects

Over the years we have accumulated quite a bit of favorable press for our actions. Feel free to browse our print and television clippings and past Newsletters!



January 2004 
February 2003 
December 2002 

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  • Canton Observer - Feb 2003

    Full PDF File | Local Mirror

  • Detroit News - Mar 2003

    Website Archive
  • Plymouth Observer - Feb 2003

    Full PDF File | Local Mirror

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  • January 2004
    January 12, 2004… In conjunction with Mapet International foundation, HHP began the process of trying to help a young Dominican girl diagnosed with brain cancer. Unfortunately, on January 14 as our plane landed in Detroit for Marisela’s surgery, we were informed that the young girl had passed away that night.

    January 14, 2004…Detroit, Michigan, Marisela Marte, our fourth recipient of Life Altering Corrective Surgery for bilateral clubfeet, underwent surgery. Dr. Larry Fallat expects Marisela to get 80% - 90% normal use of her feet. This means she will be able to walk on the soles of her feet for the first time in her 14 years.

    January 17, 2004… HHP and Mapet International Foundation signed a Collaboration Agreement in which each will assist the other organization to achieve their projects goals.
  • February 2003
    Hi to all...

    Little Imanol had his corrective surgery this morning. Dr. Fallat stated that the operation went better than expected and expects Imanol to have a full recovery.

    Several media folks interviewed Dr. Fallat about the surgery and will appear as follows:

  • this Thursday, The Plymouth Observer
  • this Friday, The Detroit Free Press,
  • and the Fox 2 Network (in Detroit) will have one as well.
  • December 2002
    We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

    I have been very busy with so many things going on that I have not had time to post our monthly updates. So here is a short recap of events....

  • Little Becker returned to the Dominican Republic and is doing great. One or both of Becker's and Hector's foster sisters will be traveling with me to visit the Dominican Republic in late January so they can see first hand their living conditions.

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