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Project Life Altering Corrective Surgery
The gift of walking is perhaps one of the gifts that most of us take for granted. But for some, living in impoverished areas and born with the physical deformity called, clubfeet, it is only a far away dream. Survival in these third world countries is hard enough for those born without handicaps, but for those unfortunates born without the ability to walk, it is an impossible hardship. HHP brings children from Third World countries, which need surgical intervention to Detroit, Michigan. Here Dr. Larry Fallat volunteers his time and talent to correct this miserable condition. We place the children in a volunteer HHP House Parent Home for the duration of the surgical procedure and post-op physical therapy (usually between 4 to 5 months) and then return them to their family, walking on their own two feet. You cannot imagine the wonder in the faces of parents, when they see their child walking for the first time.

Project Hope for the Hopeless
Medical Screenings- HHP goes on medical humanitarian missions to Third World countries, where we set up medical screenings in remote underdeveloped regions. We bring in a team of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics to screen, diagnose and treat patients. We develop a database of patients with special needs and network with other organizations to try and meet their needs. Upon our arrival at a village, we set up a triage area, where patients are diagnosed by Paramedics and directed to the proper treatment areas. We set up four separate treatment areas: 1-Optometry, 2- Internal Medicine, 3- Orthopedics, 4- Dentistry. Most of the places we go to have not seen a Physician in many years. People walk for 20 to 30 kilometers to be seen by our Physicians. Since there is usually no electricity in these remote villages, we are constrained to work only during daylight. Our team works from the moment we arrive in the morning until sundown and yet, at the end of the day, there are usually over a hundred people left in line that will not be seen. It is our custom to stop an hour before sun down and place the children at the head of the line to make sure that, at least the children are seen, before we move on to the next village.

Hidden Treasures Project
Medical Supplies- HHP solicits used hospital and medical equipment, which would otherwise be discarded in order to refurbish and send to Third World Countries. In the past seven years we have sent over 25 million dollars of equipment to 14 different countries. Often the medical equipment is completely operational and functional, it just simply is not the most advanced edition. Hospitals upgrading their systems then donate these items to us and we transport it to impoverished areas, where nothing is available. It is a verity that one man’s trash is literally another man’s treasure. As a result of this, we have been able to set up two Cardiac Catherization labs in the Dominican Republic, in a hospital that prior to that could not perform such services. We have sent wheelchairs, crutches, hospital beds, stretchers, dialysis machines, x-ray equipment, nuclear cameras, EKG monitoring devices, surgical operating room equipment, incubators, glasses, and every kind of medical equipment from bedpans to band aids. In this way, we have supplied hospitals, clinics, and orphanages in 19 different third world countries.

Future Leaders Project
School Equipment- One of the most pressing needs in these impoverished countries is the lack of supplies for the education of children. In one village that we visited in the rain forests of Nigeria, we found seven hundred students, who attended the local school system. Out of the six buildings, three of the roofs had collapsed. Only three buildings were barely functional, but their roofs leaked, when it rained. There was no electricity, no water, no school desks, and few books. Writing on paper was difficult, as everything became wet when it rained. The children brought a small stool on their heads each day they came to school in order to have a place to sit. Through our African representative Chief Emmanuel U.K. Ukpai, Ikenga 1 of Ohafia, these roofs were repaired. HHP receives school desks, black boards and teachers desks from American school systems and transports them to third world impoverished areas. We believe that the future of our world is in the hands of the children that are educated.

Strengthen the Family Project
Reference books and materials for Pastors of Third World countries. It is our belief that the strength of a nation resides in the moral strength of the family unit. We believe that man is a triune being composed of body soul and spirit. Hence, a balanced man is a man that is strong in his physical being, his intellectual and emotional being and in his spiritual life. A three-fold chord is not easily broken and when man is strong and balanced in these three areas he is healthy and more productive in society. Therefore, our task is not just to promote the physical health and the intellectual health of a culture, but also the spiritual health. For this reason, we seek to help the local Christian Pastors in these impoverished areas with supplies that would facilitate their ministry to strengthen the family unit and create a more stable and productive society.

Shoebox Drive Project
Every year we sponsor a Shoebox Drive, where volunteers fill small boxes with gifts for impoverished children. Blue boxes for boys and pink boxes for girls. It is so hard to imagine a Christmas, without gifts for our children. But, in most third world countries families are unable to buy their children Christmas gifts. The joy in the faces of these little ones, when they open their shoeboxes to find toys and gifts that would otherwise have been only an unrealistic dream is a thing to behold. The smallest things that we would take for granted, such as a toothbrush, is a treasure beyond comparison in these places. In one case, I saw a child the next week that had received one of these shoe box gifts and I noticed that he had placed a string on his tooth brush and now carried it around his neck, as his most priced possession. Prior to that he brushed his teeth by rubbing the end of a stick on a rock to fray the end.

Water of Life Project
Our newest project is perhaps one of the most needed in these impoverished areas. In our mission trips we find that the vast majority of the people are suffering from parasites due to contaminated water sources. The incidents of malaria, typhoid and Hepatitis A are staggering due to these unsanitary water sources. We have sent close to $500,000 of water filters to these impoverished areas, but this is a drop in the bucket. It is our hope to be able to obtain the funds necessary to dig deep-water wells in these countries and equip them with windmill pumps to provide a sanitary water source for these people. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And if we could provide a fresh water source free of biological contaminants we would do more to ensure the health of these unfortunates, than in twenty medical mission trips.

The Cuba Project
The Cuba Project was first set up to send medicines to the families of political prisoners, whose medical privileges in the country have been remanded. But, it has since expanded to help others in dire need of medicines. At this point we have been unable to send medical equipment to the country, since the government immediately confiscates anything of great value.

The One Dollar Clinic Project
With the cooperation of our Dominican Republic Representative Mr. Marcos Maceo and our sister, non- profit local organization Funde San Cris, we are now sponsoring a One Dollar Clinic in the city of San Cristobal. Patients are given medical assistance for the meager price of one Dollar. The cost goes only to help with the overhead incurred. All patients that are given medical supplies such as wheel chairs or crutches or walkers are required to sign a contract, whereby they acquire the right to use the equipment as long as medically required and afterwards they return it to the clinic so that it can be used again.

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